Semester full of Service for Georgia Challenge Club

Angie Doxtader, club leader in the Cumming Challenge group at Pinecrest Academy, shared some of the service project experiences that the girls had over the past few months.

“Pinecrest Challenge has had a very “FULL” semester in more than one sense of the word.   The girls have grown together in faith and friendships with their regular meetings.  They have filled the pantry and many News 39astomachs with a  can-drive and two volunteer days of cooking and delivering meals with a local organization called “Meals by Grace”.  And… the hearts of our neighbors were filled as our 5th graders sang carols and visited with the folks at the Orchard Senior Community.   The girls have touched so many lives.   One of the Challenge team leaders – Carolyne and her mom, Tracy, were heading home after serving and delivering at Meals by Grace and decided to stop at Dunkin Donuts on their way home.  They shared their morning activity with an employee there who informed them that Dunkin News 39bDonuts throws donuts away each night.   So Carolyne took the initiative to call Meals by Grace to set up and offer delivery of donuts for next weekend!  She and her mom went back next Saturday with donuts.  Generosity begets generosity! Another Challenge girls in 7th grade girl, Katie, shared her experience of delivering the meal and food to a home.  She said there was a little boy looking through the window and when he saw them coming, his face brightened up with a huge smile as he ran to the door to eagerly let them in.  Before they left he gave them a very big “THANK YOU SO MUCH.”