Challenge Youth Ministry Packages

In Challenge we offer a series of youth ministry packages for adult and teen leaders, as well as for the girls themselves. These packages and kits change each year and are crucial to implement the Challenge program effectively. The kits are:


  • Challenge Annual Membership Package and Adult Leader Kit
  • Challenge Teen Team Leader Kit
  • Challenge Member Kit
We also offer a number of add-on packages to enhance the Challenge experience. The packages are:


  • Challenge Camp Leader Packages and Materials
  • Challenge Weekend Retreat Leader Packages and Materials
  • Pure Fashion Packages

The NEW 2016-17 Challenge Packages will be available on the online store in mid-August!

CLICK HERE for What’s new for Challenge 2016-17!


Challenge Annual Membership and Leadership Kit


 The 2016-17 Challenge Annual Membership Package contains all the essential materials necessary for a youth minister, adult leader, or volunteer to effectively get Challenge started this year for any size group of girls.

The package that is renewed annually includes an Annual Membership License, 1 Challenge Adult Leader Kit and Adult Leader T-shirt, 1 Challenge Team Leader Kit (with Curriculum Grade Level of your choice) and Team Leader T-shirt, and 6 Challenge Member Kits and 6 Challenge Member T-shirts. 


 The annual membership package also includes access to online resources and training modules for both Adult Leaders and Team Leaders.


2016-17 complete Annual Membership Package Price = $749.95

When you purchase the annual membership package, you receive coupon codes for your free kits. The membership also gives you access to purchase additional kits and resources from the Conquest online store anytime.


Purchase Additional Materials for your Challenge Group


Once your Annual Membership Package is active, you will receive access to our Challenge Online Store where you can obtain your “FREE” kits as well as purchase additional materials and items as needed!  The items listed below and pricing are valid for the 2016-17 Annual Membership Year (July 2016 – June 2017)


Challenge Adult Leader Kit

The 2016-17 Challenge Adult Leader Kit includes: Challenge tote bag, Adult Leader white T-shirt with quote from Pope Francis on the back, Challenge Virtue & Saint 2016-17 Calendar, Challenge Pen, New Challenge Vinyl Banner (4ft x 2.ft), 25 Pack of Challenge Brochures(8×5), 25 Pack of Two sided Promo Cards (4×6), 5 Pack Two Sided Posters ( 11×17), Challenge Leadership 5 Book Series: Book 1: Intro to Challenge Youth Ministry, Book 2: Getting Challenge Started, Book 3: Service Driven Youth Ministry, Book 4: Curriculum Guide & Planner, Book 5: Team Leader Training, and a Challenge USB Drive with resource files. The 2016-17 Annual Membership also gives you access to the online training series for adult leaders and team leaders, as well as the online resource centers with hundreds of downloads.


Challenge Team
Leader Kits


The 2016-17 Challenge Team Leader Kit contains the annual program curriculum as well as essential materials necessary for the team leader to effectively lead a team. 

The Challenge Team Leader Kit includes: Online access to Team Leader Resources, Challenge tote bag with water bottle holder, Challenge water bottle, Challenge Calendar of Saints and Virtues, Challenge Member Prayer book, Challenge Team Leader meeting poster, Challenge Pen, Challenge 6 Button Pack, Virtue and Saint Team Leader Book, Challenge USB Drive with resources, and your choice of one grade level (4 books) of the new YEAR 1 series Team Leader Guidebooks.

Without these kits and guidebooks – Challenge just can’t happen!

2016-17 Challenge Team Leader Kit Price = $39.95


2016-17 Challenge Team Leader T-Shirt Price = $11.95


Member Kit


The 2016-17 Challenge member kit is a great add on to complete the Challenge experience for the girls involved. The New Challenge Member Kit includes: Challenge Pink and Black  Cinch Bag, Challenge Calendar of Saints and Virtues 2016-17, Challenge Member Prayer book, Challenge Pink Pen, Challenge 6 Button Pack, and Challenge Promo Card.

2016-17 Challenge Member Kit Price = $11.95


2016-17 Challenge Member T-Shirt Price = $11.95


Challenge Camp Leader
Packages and Materials


Every year, Challenge offers about 20 camps across the US and Canada. Most of these camps are organized by volunteers. Over the years we have pulled together and developed a Challenge camp leader guide and store providing resources and activities for those people interested in organizing a Challenge camp. Each year we update and change the theme. The 2015-16 camp theme is INSPIRE but we also offer the past 2 year’s guides: JUMP and CONNECT. The camp leader guide is a 250 page book with a CD. It has everything you need to plan and organize a 7 day camp including flyers, schedules, virtue activities, night activities, prayers, and printable posters, cards, games, and materials for each activity. We also offer camp contests, murals, prayer books, and t-shirts.

Visit our camp store.



Challenge Retreat
Leader Series Packages


Interested in offering a weekend or day retreat for the girls in your Challenge club but don’t know where to get started? Challenge offers 3 complete retreat series packages: JOURNEY, SURVIVOR and ICED OUT. Each series has a 150 page Challenge retreat leader guide and CD with everything you need to plan and hold a wonderful spiritual experience. The retreat leader guides include flyers, schedules, virtue activities, night activities, prayers, and printable posters, cards, games, and materials for each activity. We also offer retreat contests murals, prayer books, and t-shirts.

Visit our retreat store.



Pure Fashion is a faith-based program that encourages teen girls to live, act, and dress in accordance with their dignity as children of God. Pure Fashion focuses on guiding young women ages 14 to 18 to become confident and competent leaders who live the virtues of modesty and purity in their schools and communities. Through an 8 session model training program that covers public speaking, manners, and social graces, hair and make-up artistry, personal presentation, and much more, Pure Fashion models learn the importance of living a life in accordance with God’s will and fostering a life of grace through purity of heart, mind, and body. The Pure Fashion program culminates in a fashion show featuring clothing that is pretty but not provocative, trendy but still tasteful. Challenge will be offering Pure Fashion as an add-on program in the near future.