Program Description


The best way for a 9th-12th grade girl to grow in her faith is to have her lead and share her faith.  Challenge High School Program is just that.  Made to respond to the needs and questions of a high school girl, the curriculum centers around virtues and projects where the girls can work together to make a difference.  It consists of 3 series of curriculum.  Each series is made up of 4 team leader guidebooks with 31 weeks of curriculum.  Each guidebook is built around the apostolic service project and offers specific opportunities to live faith in their daily reality.  Let your high school girls take up the challenge of being Christian leaders who transform the world around them.

High School Curriculum


Virtue Centered

Our curriculum is virtue-centered.  A virtue is “an interior disposition, a positive habit, a passion that has been placed at the service of the good.  That means that we must change on our way to God”  (Youcat 299)  Most of the our spiritual life and living of faith is God’s action, what we can do from our side is respond by good actions, actions that repeated enough times become a habit.  This creates a positive inner space in our hearts for us to develop our friendship with God.  This good habit or good inner disposition is what we call virtue.  Then there are “superpower” virtues that God gives as gifts too.  Kids today need to see virtue modeled and who better to set an example than the saints!  Each guidebook of curriculum centers around a virtue.  Virtue is the beauty of a girl. 

Service Driven

Our curriculum is service driven.  Each guidebook is built around a service project with each of the weekly meeting offering content to help form the missionary disciple, a young Catholic leader, in carrying out this project.  Mission can awaken and maximize the heart of a young woman for good, to receive and care for the other and embark on an adventure worthy of taking on any challenge! 


Our curriculum responds to the needs of the adolescent.  It is based off of questions that reveal the deeper needs of the adolescent.  Each session strives to awaken the question through experiences, respond to them and help them make faith life!

Each curriculum set includes 3 books. Each book includes 5 weeks of curriculum, one main virtue, and one service project. The Advent / Lent book can be added to all curriculum sets to give you 8 more weeks of meetings and two more service projects. All books have lots of material downloads available from the online resource center.


The Challenge High School Series 1 curriculum includes 4 books. The books in this series feature 31 weeks of content and five service projects: Hot Dogs for the Homeless, Links of Lights, Pro-Life Patrol, Rally Round the Wreath, and Christ’s Passion Mission.


The Challenge High School Series 2 curriculum includes 4 books. The books in this series feature 31 weeks of content and five service projects: Mom & Me Tea, Walk with Christ, Pilgrim Queen, Christmas Cookie Caroling, and Challenge Missions.


The Challenge High School Series 3 curriculum includes 4 books. The books in this series feature 31 weeks of content and five service projects: Dreams Come True, Reel to Real, Hospital Helpers, Bethlehem in your Backyard, and Spread the Word!


Weekly Meeting Description


It is suggested for the weekly meeting to be 1 ½ or 2 hours. 


Curriculum Products


Create a sense of belonging and friendship by getting Challenge Merch!  This can be an exciting addition your high school program.  Consider having “I appreciate you” gifts for your team leaders.  Running a parent info night?  Get everyone a Challenge give-away.  Promoting Challenge at your parish ministry fair?  Get items to help make Challenge known.  Find what best works for you!



High School


It can help to have a couple of copies to use between your Leadership Team.

3 Curriculum Books for girls in 9th and 12th Grade.



Advent Lent


1 Curriculum Book with material for the Seasons of Advent and Lent.


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Leader Bag







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Adult Leader






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Pack of 25 Challenge Brochures

Pack of 25 Challenge & Conquest Brochures