What is ECyD?


ECyD stands for Experiences, Convictions, and your Decisions. ECyD is an international Catholic association of youth who participate in programs or activities that spark specific experiences, convictions and decisions that mark their Christian way of life and encourage them to build a lasting friendship with Christ and be his apostles.

ECyD enriches Challenge and Conquest, making them better programs for the youth we are working with because it offers a path to help kids grow in prayer life and forge a real friendship with Christ. Each Challenge or Conquest group can choose to use the pledge card and ceremony method to help youth grow closer to Christ and learn to pray. It is optional enhancement to Challenge or Conquest.


What does it mean that Challenge
and Conquest are powered by ECyD?

To be powered by ECyD means that the materials and activities in Challenge & Conquest are imbued with all of the essential elements of ECyD. Many of these have been included in Challenge & Conquest over the years.

ECyD Pledge of Friendship to Christ


The most important element about ECyD is helping young people develop a personal friendship with Christ and be his apostle. Prayer is the starting point and way to sustain friendship with Christ. That is why part of the ECyD method is to encourage kids to make a Friendship Pledge to Christ. It is a simple prayer pledging their efforts to try to grow daily in their knowledge of Christ by praying more and living like a true Christian.



  • Morning and Night Prayers
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated
  • Respect your parents
  • Respect your teachers and those in authority
  • Read the lives of the saints


  • Mass on Sundays and holy days of obligation
  • Confession
  • Decade of the Rosary on Saturday
  • Special sacrifice on Friday
  • Serve others through apostolate & charitable action
  • Speak with a spiritual mentor when needed
  • Attend retreats and summer camps if possible

ECyD Pledge Cards


In Challenge & Conquest, we encourage adolescents to make age appropriate steps to growing in friendship with Jesus Christ and prayer life. ECyD provides us a method to do that. To help the kids live out this pledge of friendship, we provide them with Pledge Cards and Symbols for each grade with suggestions and ways they can grow in their friendship with Christ. It has a simple list of prayers, actions and attitudes that they can live out to grow in virtue each day. This is an example of the 5th Grade ECyD Pledge Card.


Gradual Path to Grow in Friendship with Christ, develop a prayer life and live virtue


The Pledge Cards encourage the kids to take gradual steps each year and learn new prayers and ways to grow in friendship with Christ. Virtue is a good habit or repetition of good acts. So even though each grade level has a specific emphasis on one new prayer or act of virtue, there are some basic suggestions that are common to all grades. Each year when the kids renew their pledge to Christ, they receive a new pledge card and a symbol, which will encourage or help them learn a new prayer or virtue.


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