Welcome to the Challenge resource centers for Adult Leaders and Team Leaders. Our resource centers contain a download center with hundreds of files and documents that complete and compliment the Challenge curriculum. Our online training series for Adult Leaders and Team Leaders is also found on the Resource Centers.

You need to login to access the resource center. The login information is provided to all clubs who purchase an annual subscription.

Adult Leader Resource Center & Training


We feel it is important to share best practices and experiences from those who have successfully implemented the materials and methods over the past years. That is why we have an online training series for Adult Leaders that explains how Challenge and Conquest work, how to use the materials and share best practices from successful groups. Our training series includes interactive modules and a quiz at the end of each session. All adult leaders who have an annual membership have access to the online training series.

Adult Leader Resources

Team Leader Resource Center & Training


The team leader guidebooks refer to hundreds of games and activities that can be found on the resource center.

Team Leader Resources