Fort Wayne Challenge Food Drive Fun


Laura Gerth, Challenge club leader in Fort Wayne, shared how her group does a fun food drive – like the Can Do Attitude project. Their club gets bags donated from Kroger and attaches a note to the bag that reads: “Feeding the Hungry. This is something God asks us all to do. Everything we have is a gift from God himself, and it is our duty as Christians, News 40bas children of God, to share our gifts with those less fortunate than us. In our society today there are more and more people who have a rough time providing for their families. It is important for us to help in any way that we can. We are a club called Challenge, which is a Christian organization which helps girls grow closer to God and get more involved in their community.


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One of our missions is to do a can food drive, helping collect food to give to the poor and needy. It would be greatly appreciated if you would donate food or any non-perishable items to help us. Thank you for your time and consideration. Your donation is greatly appreciated no matter how big or small. We will pick them up this ….. Please place the bag(s) outside your door by 10 and we will come get them. God Bless You, Challenge Girls Club Members”. The girls then collected the bags and received an overwhelming response. As Laura put it, “ The girls love doing this it is so little effort for such a great reward!”