Ohio Challenge Organizes Pro Life Advent Event

News 41The Challenge Club at St. Susanna’s parish in Mason, Ohio, believes the Advent season is an appropriate time of year to celebrate new life. The 5th graders organized a baby shower at their parish to raise money for their local pregnancy center, Pregnancy Center East, which helps women in crisis pregnancy situations. They decorated their parish with “Welcome Baby!” balloons and food fit for the celebration, including a fruit salad that looked like a baby in a carriage.  They played games like baby bottle bowling and “pin the bib on the baby.” They also gave a Gospel reflection on the Christmas story, showing how, during that very first Advent, Mary was also a poor, unwed mother.  One of the club members pointed out how the Gospel says, when we do something for others, it’s like doing something for Christ, and in this case, for the Baby Jesus. “Our Team leaders Abby and Ali told us that we would be in charge and have to work to make the shower a success,” said one the 5th grade event organizers, Claire Connell. “We worked really hard and took on the responsibility because we wanted more girls to know that they should choose life and support others who do too.”