Fearless Summer Camp in Virginia

Article  by Amelia Hoover, Regnum Christi Consecrated Challenge Leader in VA.

VA 5Forty fearless girls attended the Fearless ECyD Summer Camp  at the Hunting Ridge Retreat  in Winchester, VA
from June 25- 30, 2017. The girls were from DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. The Camp team of leaders was made up of consecrated women, Legionary chaplains, and five college leaders.

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The theme was brought to life with the popular Christian song Fearless by Jasmine Murray and the story line of the allegory Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard. The girls had dance competitions, formation blocks, messy Olympics, fear factor, escape rooms as some of their activities.

VA 3Every evening they would have story time and hear the next part of the story in Hinds Feet on High Places.The main character’s name is Much Afraid who lives in the valley of humiliation with her family of Fearlings and meant to be married to her cousin Craven Fear. Much Afraid has a limp and a crooked mouth and she is much afraid. The Good Shepherd comes and invites her to the high places and gives her two companions to accompany her on her journey, Sorrow and Suffering. Through the journey and facing different obstacles, sacrificing her will and trusting in the Shepherd, Much Afraid reaches the high places and receives a new name – Grace and Glory.

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The girls went through a similar journey facing obstacles in games but also talking about how Jesus invites them to follow him and trust him. They would share at the end of their days how they were learning to be “fearless” in living virtue and cultivating their friendships with the other girls and especially friendship with Jesus.

They ended their camp on the anniversary of Fr. Alvaro Corcuera’s death – following the footsteps of one of the first ECyD members in also pledging their friendship to Christ.