Challenge St Louis “Chari-tea” in Action

Article submitted by Lynn Dery and Kerry Estes,  Challenge leaders in St Louis, MO.


st louis 2Challenge St Louis has had many activities in the past year one of the highlights in January was the Mother Daughter tea party. Our theme was “Chari-tea”. We had two games that the mothers and daughters played – headbandz being one of them and then we played Deal or No Deal to reinforce the charity theme. . The afternoon included  a presentation on the Five Love Languages  and a lovely lunch together. It was a bonding experience for moms and daughters.


st louis 4Putting that charity in action – the Challenge girls were able to participate in a pro life project. The club delivered baskets to Our Lady’s Inn, a local home that allows mothers to raise their babies there, safe and protected, for one year while giving them parenting and job training skills. Our Challenge girls also babysat their children and organized their food and diaper donations. It was a great experience for the recipients and the girls in the club.