Challenge Babysitting Service Project

Article submitted by Dana Smith, Challenge Leader at the Challenge Blessed Sacrament Parish Club in KY.

CHBS1CHBS3A few times a year, the Challenge Club in Blessed Sacrament Parish in Fort Mitchell, KY  hosts a babysitting night at the parish. In December the girls held a Christmas themed night where  54 kids attended and the Challenge girls did a wonderful job of playing and interacting the children.  A local coffee shop donated hot chocolate for the event. During the evening, the kids traveled around to four different stations; Craft Station, Games Station, Letter to Santa Station, and Snack Station.  Meghan Weber was so kind to lead the kids in some Christmas Carols as they gathered on the floor in their sleeping bags to watch the “Elf” movie.  We also had play dough, legos, puzzles, playing cards and coloring materials out for the kids to play with while they enjoyed the show.

On February 13th, the Challenge girls  held another Babysitting Night where 40 kids attended. Throughout the night, the children were able to play in one of three rooms.  In the Parish Center, we had a kids reading area equipped with puzzles and games.  There was a Barbie doll area and a play kitchen area.  The kids could also come for snack or sit and rest while they watched a movie.  In the Cafeteria, kids were able to play with the hot wheels and track, at the Play-doh center, craft station where they could make their CHBS4parents a Valentine card, with Legos or they could trace pictures from a projector and color them.  The gym was also open for free play.  Kids really enjoyed playing with the parachute, hula hoops, on the gymnastics mats, and they liked playing a quick game of basketball or volleyball.  There was certainly a lot of things for the kids to do!

It’s a simple way to offer our service to the families at the parish and give the girls an opportunity to do something to teach their faith and help others.