St Bernadette Challenge Girls Serving in Many Ways

linda basketsofjoy_easter2017 Part of Challenge is serving the community and the Church. We have projects that serve the parish, the poor, families or even international causes.  Many of the projects that the girls do show their pro life attitude and spirit.  Linda at the St Bernadette Club in Ontario shared her experience: ” From the pro-life perspective,  I did think of two past projects the St. Bernadette Challenge Girls Club completed; our Warm Wishers project back in 2016 and our Baskets of Joy project from spring 2017. Both the blankets and the baskets were provided to the Sisters of Life (based in Toronto) for them to share with the young mothers they serve. A few of the Challenge Girls actually made extra blankets to provide directly to babies in their own lives and the baskets were filled with items that the girls decided on themselves. Each Challenge Girl provided 10 of one of the chosen items so that each basket would be the same and it was a joyful experience as we spent one meeting ‘building the baskets’. The items were then delivered to their Toronto location. ”

linda warm wishersThe St Bernadette club also does projects where the girls can reach out the their own families, like the Chari-tea project.  Linda shared, “The Charitea project went nicely. We decided to invite all the Challenge & Challenge Jr moms and the Challenge Jr girls to join us during our final meeting for the year before Christmas. The girls organized the invitations, the decorations and the refreshments. We asked all the Challenge & Challenge Jr girls to bring some cookies or sweets to contribute and six of the girls provided the entertainment by either singing or playing the violin. One of the six was our lovely MC who came prepared with a few jokes as well! Since the event fell on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, we rounded out the evening with a brief reflection on Mary and a decade of the Rosary.”