Saint of the Month for February is Venerable Hanna Chrzanowska

FebSaintHanna was born in Poland in 1902. Her father was a university professor and she grew up in a family where both her mother and father taught her to be generous with the poor. She went to Catholic high school and when she graduated, she decided to become a nurse. She studied in Poland and then France on a scholarship. When she graduated from nursing school, she worked with the Red Cross and helped wounded soldiers. In her spare time, Hanna loved the outdoors – especially mountain climbing and traveling. She worked hard to become a true leader and light in the field of Catholic nursing. She taught at nursing school for a number of years and started a monthly magazine to help those in the medical field. She eventually founded the Catholic Association of Polish Nurses. At the beginning of WWII, her father was arrested by the Getstapo and died in the concentration camps. During the way, Hanna worked around the Nazi forces and later the communists, to seek out and help those in who were starving and in need. When the war ended, she organized nurses across Poland to help feed and care for war refugees. She also ran a nursing home and taught students to be nurses. When the communists came into Poland and closed the nursing schools, Hanna moved to help the poor and neglected in her parish. She never stopped serving the sick and suffering people. She discovered she had cancer when she was 65 years old and suffered with it for 7 years, until her death in 1973. Pope John Paul II was a bishop at the time in Krakow and he celebrated her funeral mass. Hundreds of people and sick attended. In September 2015, Pope Francis recognized her heroic virtues serving others and declared her venerable. She is one of the first saints to have been a registered nurse.