Living Lent with Challenge and Conquest

Article contributed  by many club leaders across the US and Canada.

We asked Challenge and Conquest leaders to share activities that have helped the girls and boys in their clubs live Lent to the fullest. Here are some responses and best practices

Unique take of the Stations of the Cross from Conquest in Akron, OH: “Every year, each boy will be given a situation in the Passion of Jesus. Then it is up to them to develop a story around that situation.  On the last meeting before Easter, we will arrange their parts in chronological order and they will present their stories, uniting to tell the Passion of Jesus.  Download the attached letter that explains the invitation to participate in this dynamic way to do Stations of the Cross.” – Tom Crookston, club leader

st louis 4Activities every week to keep Lenten spirit present from Challenge in St Louis, MO : “This year, we hope to have a meeting on St. Therese and then make sacrifice beads. We also want to pray the stations of the Cross together. I think we will also make prayer blankets for the moms at Our Lady’s Inn and deliver them.” – Lynn Derry and Kerry Estes Club Leader

Daily calendar contest for the members and families from Challenge in Fort Wayne, IN: “ We did a Lenten Campaign with the girls. They helped adjust the daily commitments from the previous year. Prizes were given to the top two girls with the highest points total. (Download calendar here) During Lent they were able to do the Stations of the Cross at the church during our meeting and then sang hymns afterwards.” – Laura Gerth, club leader

Emphasis on Prayer and Sacramental life from Challenge in  Abington, MA:  “We have done an hour of prayer in adoration and then confession time. The girls can pray before they go into confession. We have a 24 hour adoration chapel at our church so we are able to go any time.” – Colleen Booker, Club Leader

Spirit of Service at Lent from Conquest in Covington, KY :  “ Our Lenten activity will start off with collecting socks for the homeless & having a “snowball fight” with the socks. Each boy brings in a package of new men’s tube socks .  We will then make “Take With” bags for the homeless at Henry Hosea house. The boys will make sandwiches, granola bars, prayer cards. We will pray for the patrons while we are making their snacks.” – Lou Judd, leader