July Virtue of the Month is Prayer

Prayer VirtueThe virtue of the month for July is prayer.  We may not think of prayer as a virtue but it is because it requires effort, constancy and it changes your  way of being. Prayer is something that is so simple yet we have such a hard time finding time to do it. Learning to pray is as easy as learning to talk to a friend. If you spend time doing this, it becomes more natural. Prayer is all about getting to know God and letting HIM become a real part of your daily life. You can pray anywhere, anytime… If you find it hard to know what to talk to Christ about, you can warm up your heart by saying prayers that the Church and Christ himself taught us. We need to make every moment a moment of prayer and visit him when we can in the Eucharist. God always listens and responds even if we may not be aware of his response.  In the Gospel,  Jesus gave us hope and trust that God hears our prayers. We need to pray. We need God’s grace . Prayer is as essential as breathing. We can’t have friendship or a relationship with God if we do not speak with him or listen to him. Sometimes we get bored in prayer because we  focus on our problems or ourselves, which we may be thinking about all day. Other times, we get so caught up in the business of life that we need to just stop and think about what God is doing with our lives. We can’t forget to pray for those we love the most. People depend on our prayers.YOUCATJuly


The YOUCAT # of the month for Challenge and Conquest speaks about how God not only listens to our prayers, but he can speak to us in prayer if we listen with our hearts.  YOUCAT #506 Is prayer not just a sort of conversation with yourself? Someone who is really praying can experience the fact that God speaks.