Challenge ProLife Projects in Action

Article was submitted by Mary Giroir from Baton Rouge and Olivia Fleck from Atlanta.

fleck2As a Catholic youth ministry program, Challenge clubs not only speak about pro life issues , but the girls also put those principles into action by showing their support for every human life. The groups do this in many different ways. Many groups, including the Challenge club from St Mary’s in Oak Ridge Tennessee traveled to Washington to show their support in the March for Life. In Atlanta, the eighth grade team from the  Challenge group  prayed outside an abortion clinic.

The Challenge group in Baton Rouge, Louisiana completed their Baby Bottles for Change apostolic project at the Baby Shower for the Women’s New Life Center. Mary Giroir, the Challenge leader , shared her experience, “This is a completely free clinic that provides ultrasounds, counseling, etc. for expectant mothers. It is located next door to the abortion clinic in our city. Our girls raised just over $1,000 for the center.Back in September, the girls were given an empty baby bottle. They were encouraged to find ways to raise money (change) to support the Center. Examples of this were cleaning out a kitchen cabinet, helping a grandparent with some household chores, etc. to earn a few coins to put in their bottles. The girls were also encouraged to pray for the moms and babies who need our prayers. Last week, at our meeting, we watched a video on respecting life, discussed what it means to love and care for those in need, and heard testimonies from our team leaders who attended the March for Life. The girls turned in the baby bottles at our Baby Shower . We also collected diapers, wipes, and new, gender neutral clothing for the center. The girls had a lot of fun at the Baby Shower–we played baby themed games and ate fun party food!.”