Challenge Pro Life Moments

Article contributed  by many club leaders across the US and Canada.


We asked our Challenge leaders to share some of the prolife activities they have done over the past year with the girls in their groups. It’s amazing to see this beautiful love and respect for human life at every stage fostered in so many clubs across the US and Canada.

Abington, MA: “Our girls participate in the Pro Life Rose Procession that we have every year usually around January 22nd to mark the anniversary of Roe vs Wade. We have people from the parish walk down the aisle of the church with a sash on that represents the years 1973 to the present year. They each have a rose in their hand and sacramento1when they get to the front pew, they bow and then place the rose in a large vase. While this is all happening “Hannah’s Song” plays over the sound system. It is extremely powerful and emotional. The last person to walk in has the current year and it is a pregnant women who does it. Each rose represents all the children born since 1973 as well as the unborn not protected since that decision. All of the girls in Challenge participate. They love doing it every year.”– Colleen Booker, Club leader

Sacramento, CA: “Our club did a diaper drive at our parish and brought the items to a pro-life center. We  also went to pray at abortion clinic for the 40 days for life in our area. Afterward we went to Leatherbeys for ice cream, the girls love that. Prolife also means pro- family… we had a very special Mother and Daughter tea. We spent the afternoon enjoying delicious appetizers, great company, fun games and to top it all off, a t-shirt scarf craft.”– Amelina Mendoza, Club Leader

atlanta2Atlanta, GA:
“In honor of Right to Life week, Pinecrest Challenge Club held a “baby shower” themed Challenge meeting, to celebrate the  collection of baby items for the Whispering Hope Pregnancy Center in Cumming, GA.  The girls enjoyed baby themed snacks – pink and blue cupcakes-  and a raffle at the beginning of the meeting.   The executive director of Whispering Hope, Beth Hathorn, gave her testimony  to the 7th and 8th of how precious is life and how they strive to help those women in need when they are pregnant. Then the 7th and 8th  grade girls heard a talk from a representative from Whispering Hope. Meanwhile, the 5th and 6th grade girls  promoted respect for life for the elderly by preparing for a valentine party that was coming up for the  local nursing homes.” – Natalia Santos and Angie Doxtader Club Leaders

IMG_1198Lake Forest, IL: “ Our Challenge club at East Lake Academy organized a bake sale to raise money for their upcoming apostolic project at a nursing home! The bake sale was a success and was driven by the initiative of the girls themselves!” – Melanie Pilon, consecrated leader