The best service projects from Challenge KY

Michele Garvey from Blessed Sacrament in Ft. Mitchell, KY shared her reflections as president of our club for the last 3 years.  Reflecting back over the last couple of years, she sent us her experience of some of the best service projects the girls did.  Print

  1. Instead of a Father’s Day Dinner for our priest, during the Year of the Religious, one group did a Sister’s Appreciation Tea for nuns.  They created invitations and invited various local sisters from several congregations to come for a tea.  They created party favors for the sisters, brought homemade goodies, and played a nature bingo game with the sisters.  Most of the sisters that came were retired and they enjoyed getting out, visiting with one another and talking with all the girls.  It was a hit!  Leading up to the program, a couple of sisters from different orders came and spoke to the girls about the charism of their orders, and their own personal vocation stories.
  2. Our seventh graders have done a project for several years now where they focus on the corporal works of mercy.  Our deacon comes and speaks to the girls about working in the prison ministry.  The big project is making pillows for hospice.  Two women come to this program.  One woman who has worked with women (largely drug offenders) who are in a half way house from prison.  She teaches the women some basics about sewing and helps them make bone pillows for hospice.  She brings sewing machines and all the supplies and the girls make pillows themselves.  The second woman is from hospice and she describes their services to the girls and takes the pillows to the hospice organization.
  3. This past year we tried something new with our 8th grade.  They planned, created invitations (and presented them in person in the classrooms), and ran a Challenge meeting on friendship for 4th grade girls.  All the 4th grade girls were invited with no obligations for the future.  There was a great turnout.  The 8th graders did a great job and got a peek into what it would be like to be a team leader.  The 4th graders got a taste of what Challenge was like and piqued their interest for next year.  The program included lots of get to know you games, a bible reading on the many parts of the body of Christ, and splitting the girls into groups to create skits on different aspects of friendship. Each group was given a quality of friendship to act out or describe for the whole group.  The quality was written on a puzzle piece.  As each group presented they added their piece to the puzzle.  When they finished, there was one space in the middle of the puzzle missing.  The leaders explained that any one of the qualities without faith would not make a complete person or friend.  Faith was the final piece.  The puzzle was a life size drawing of Anna from Frozen.  :)This years 5th grade is a good size group and we had the most team leaders ever apply!!