Saint of the Month for August is Angela Lo Dico


Aug SaintAngelina was born in Italy in 1900. Her father was the town pharmacists and her mother was a teacher. Angelina was very religious from the time she was young, thanks to her uncle who was a priest and encouraged Angelina in her faith. She was active at her parish and part of many youth groups. She decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a teacher. When she was 21 years old, she moved to a nearby town called Tinchi to teach there. The town was so poor and small, that it did not have a church or schoolhouse. The school was set up in an old barn. Angelina lived in a small room attached to the school house. She taught her students with great love and she taught them how to pray. On Sundays, she would walk almost 7 miles to go to Mass because none was offered in Tinchi. The townspeople admired her spirituality so much, that many began to walk to mass with her. Angelina knew that many people could not make the journey so she persuaded the parish priest to start coming to Tinchi and celebrating mass at the school house. She would compare her school house barn to the barn in Bethlehem. Angelina saw the need and was determined to build a little chapel in Tinchi. She had her students pile up stones, bricks and straw near the school because she had no money to pay workers to build a chapel. Angelina would work in the fields and selling eggs in her spare time to raise funds to pay workers to build the chapel. Finally, her dream became a reality and in 1929, the chapel of Christ the King was opened in Tinchi. With her missionary spirit, Angelina would travel across the country side near the village in all kinds of weather to talk about God and minister to the sick. A great many people that she helped were afflicted with tuberculosis and malaria. Because of her father’s pharmaceutical background, she was trained in basic nursing skills that were a great help in the rural community. She would often give up her own bed to a homeless person or someone sick. In 1930, Angelina discovered that she had tuberculosis. She returned home to her family and died two years later in 1932, when she was only 33 years old. In the town of Tinchi, she is remembered as “the teacher saint.”