Saint of the Month for April is Servant of God Rosa Giovanetti

april sainRosa was born in 1896 in Rome, Italy. Her father worked at the Vatican as a lawyer for the Pope and was a devout Catholic man. As a girl she was known for her love of music and her love for God. When she was 8 years old, she showed a great talent for both the piano and the cello. She would be found helping the poor, praying or playing her cello. She took that passion for music and trained as a professional violinist at the St Cecilia Conservatory for Music in Rome. When she was 24 years old, she was invited to play the cello professionally in the Theatre Orchestra. Rosa loved sports, especially swimming. She had a personality that made her a good friend and daughter. She took her love for God and others seriously, dedicating time not only to grow in her faith but to teach others. She was a catechist and actively involved with youth in her parish. Privately she decided to consecrated her life to God. Besides playing music, her time was dedicated to prayer and works of charity, especially helping those effected by the recent war and earthquake. She would even give benefit concerts for nurses who helped the sick and to raise funds for those in need. When she was only 33 years old, Rosa developed symptoms of a rare incurable disease that covered her body in sores and caused her great pain. She died in January 1929 in Rome. Her process of canonization has begun and she has been declared a servant of God for her heroic virtues.