June Saint of the Month is Venerable Daniela Zanetta

Daniela was born in 1962 in Italy to a strong Catholic family. She had      a rare illness and serious skin disease where her skin was very fragile and easily damaged. This illness caused her a great deal of suffering throughout her life.  She was an active member of her youth group in her parish and had a great faith in God. Daniela lived a simple life and was known for her peaceful expression and joy. Even though she lived in pain each day, she lived life with a great faith. In her diary she wrote, “I am truly happy and love life. I am happy to be here, to live, to Fight..” Her diary reveals the secret that sustained her in the most hard moments: her friendship with God and understanding of Jesus’ love for her on the cross. Even her doctors were amazed at her joy and faith, because they understood the full extent of her suffering. She wrote about her life in a Catholic magazine, saying “I am a 22 year old girl. I was born handicapped. I have a skin disease which leaves scars all over my body. Maybe I look like a monster but I’m not! It’s not easy to spend 22 years on the Cross but I believe in God and love him immensely. I thank him for having given me life because every new day presents me with a new opportunity to love him and serve him.”   She passed away in 1986 when she was only 24 years old . Pope Francis recognized her heroic virtue and declared her a Venerable on the path to sainthood.