Are you uncertain how you are going to run your club meetings with all the Covid19 health regulations?


Are you unsure if you will be able to meet at your Parish or School this year?


Here are 5 tips that make Challenge and Conquest Covid19 Friendly:

1. Team Based: we meet in small groups!

2. We can meet outside.

3. A Covid19 plan.

4. Covid friendly Apostolic Projects.

5. You are not alone in this mission.


1. Team Based: we meet in small groups! Many places have restrictions for large group gatherings but our programs are designed for small teams that can meet the current health regulations. Use this method not only as a tool for accompanying your members closer to Christ through person to person ministry, but also a way to help your parish or school to feel comfortable with you using their facility.

2. We can meet outside. You can run a meeting from a patch of grass outside your parish or from a park bench. Challenge and Conquest provide so many activities that can be done outside. Yes, it may be difficult to show a video outside, but you do not have to show a video every meeting. Focus more on the Gospel Reflection or the Lives of the Saints.

3. A Covid19 plan. Every club has different specifics that need to be thought out before opening our clubs. Click Here for an example proposal that a Conquest club created and presented to their Parish in order to be allowed to run Conquest inside the Parish building this year. And it was successful! Feel free to use this file and adapt it to your club. Offering strong catholic formation and an environment for our youth to grow in their relationship with Christ is paramount. Present a plan to your parish, school, and your parents to ensure the safety of the building you are using and most importantly the health your members and leaders.

4. Covid friendly Apostolic Projects. Our programs are service driven. Many projects will be difficult to pull off but also many can be modified to follow general health and safety guidelines. Be creative, and do not be afraid to share your ideas with us to give hope to other clubs. Do not let the current situation extinguish the apostolic zeal of your club. Do not be confined to the boundaries of the curriculum book. If the apostolic project suggested in the book will not work, head over to the resource center where you can find other options. Here are 5 Apostolic projects to consider for both Challenge and Conquest that would take very few modifications to follow health regulations.

  • Challenge: Warm wishers, May Crowning, Grow Goodness, Pilgrim Queen, Spread the Word
  • Conquest: Pilgrim Queen, Emmaus Walk, Virtue Video, Breakin’ a Sweat, Bike for Collars

5. You are not alone in this mission. Every club has to address the reality of running meetings during a pandemic. But our mission is so important and we are here to support you and share ideas from other clubs. We are here to serve with you. If you have any questions or need any assistance with all aspects of running your club you can contact our Training and Support Specialist Christina Jacobeen at [email protected] or 540-228-1589