Challenge Team Leader Boot Camp in VA

Leadership bootcampOn January 23rd, the Challenge team leaders in VA gathered for a few hours of training in a Team Leader Boot Camp. Before the boot camp, each of the team leaders sent an email to the organizer with their strengths and weaknesses as a team leader and a brief description of what they think Challenge is about. From their emails, several activities were prepared for the training. For example, they took their words and centered an activity on what an ideal team leader should be. Based on their personal strengths and weaknesses, the consecrated made a team leader prayer card and personal “God tags” with bible verses for each team leader. One of the phrases was from Proverbs 3:5-6 and is great advice for a Challenge team leader. “ Trust in the Lord with all your heart, do not rely on your own insight.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths..“ After giving these out to the team leaders, they played some games and talked about their favorite activities with their teams. The team leader then received a talk about Mary, the Ideal Team Leader and what is means to work as a team. To finish off the day, the team leaders filled up “Build Up Boxes” where each team leader wrote something positive about the other team leaders and put it in their boxes. The team leader boot camp was a success for all the team leaders from VA. IT is a great best practice for other Challenge clubs to follow.