Challenge Rules the Runway

News 1The Third Annual Challenge Chicago Pure Style Fashion Show presented “A day of fun, fashion, modesty and memories” to more than three hundred attendees at The Carlisle in Lombard, Illinois on Sunday, May 18th. The event gathered Challenge Clubs from throughout the Chicago area, Kankakee and Champaign, to promote modest fashions for girls of today. “From photos to speakers, lunch and fashions, the day was a beautiful example of what Challenge Clubs are all about,” said Angela Colarelli, co-chair of the fashion show. “With the upcoming Youth and Family Encounter in July, many girls brought prospective members and families to experience the gathering and see the powerful example of Christ in the girls.” Upon arrival and registration, guests were invited to have a complimentary photograph taken. These photos were available to take home at the end of the day, a memory of a delightful afternoon spent with parents, daughters, and friends. Angela Colarelli and fellow co-chair Mary Ann Wood welcomed everyone to the show and encouraged them in the mission of Challenge: “To enable today´s young woman to give her best to others so that Christian culture will prevail in the heart of each person and in every society.” They then introduced club members Kayleigh Ayers & Brittany Pence, who spoke about what the Challenge Clubs have meant to them. They told of their clubs as a place where they can have fun, be themselves, and meet other girls who also want to know and love Christ. Tammy Grady, a consecrated member of Regnum Christi, offered grace before lunch was served. Tammy said the “Challenge Club girls are an inspiring example not only locally but across the world as well. Having shown the girls in Australia a program from a prior Pure Style Show, they became excited to eventually have a show themselves.” They promised to offer prayers for the success of the Challenge Chicago Fashion Show as well, Tammy said. Next, featured speaker Tricia Magaletti, the Director of Challenge North America, reminded attendees of the inner beauty of all girls. “It isn´t the make up, hair styles or fashions that make them so,” Tricia said. “Rather, they are beautiful simply because God made them in His image, and loves them tremendously.” She spoke of how moved she was to see the girls put forth their best efforts for Christ through the Pure Style Show. Prior to the show, all outfits had to meet certain standards for modesty. Though some styles had to be altered, moms Lisa Beecher and Mary Ann Wood ensured the fashions would be stylish yet modest. The fashion show itself included fifty-eight participating “models.” Junior high girls from the Challenge Club in the Chicago suburb of Lemont, Ill., modeled “Sunday Best” clothing. While the girls modeled to fun summer music, Angela Colarelli described the fashions for the audience. Each club presented a certain theme, modeling everything from beach wear (Champaign) to formal evening attire (Team Leaders from all areas), to sports wear (Lemont) to summer wear (Chicago) to casual wear (Champaign), to pajamas (Kankakee). Meredith Dadigan, team leader from Champaign, Ill., even modeled a bridal gown to the song “Goin´ to the Chapel,” and the “Marvelous Moms” strolled the runway in summer styles, demonstrating that modesty and fashion appeal to women of all ages. After closing remarks by Mrs. Colarelli, guests went home knowing what Challenge is: a North American club for girls ages 10-16 that strives to help girls with common interests to form a friendship with Christ. Through meetings, camps, and activities such as the Pure Style Fashion Show, Challenge enables girls to discover and develop their natural talents and place them at the service of society. Through the fashion show, these girls really did model their motto, “Challenge yourself. Challenge others. Challenge the World!”