Challenge Oak Ridge TN hosts vocation luncheon Thank you for Being an Angel!

News 23The 5th grade Challenge club at St. Mary’s in Oak Ridge, TN hosted a luncheon for local Priests and Dominican Sisters as a thank you for “being an angel” for the dedication and service these men and women have given to our community. First, the girls worked great as a team to come up with a theme for their special luncheon. The ‘Angel’ theme was carried out throughout the planning of the event. The team made angel invitations, decorated with angel statues they all brought from their home collections and served angel hair pasta and angel food cake! The 5th grade team donated their money own money for the luncheon that they earned by doing extra chores around the house. The morning of the luncheon, the young girls prepared a three course meal, served all the food and drinks on nice china. In preparation for the luncheon, the team learned about table manners, how to set up a table for a dinner party and how to make table conversation. The girls looked lovely dressed in their Sunday best outfits as they greeted their guests. It was an extremely successful luncheon and learning experience for the 5th grade Challenge youth at St. Mary’s Parish.