Challenge DC Team Leader Training about God’s Pearl

The Challenge clubs in DC had a great idea for team leader training last month. It’s a great example of how to help your team leaders learn how to lead a meeting without distractions – but it is presented in a very positive and creative way.

Caroline Lucas shared the idea and explanation. “One of our club moms made this cute story/ acronym for our team leaders this past week. She gave me a simple plastic pearl worn on clear wire for each of them, symbolizing keeping their ‘pearl’ of love for Christ, free from and prized above all else. Thought you might like to see it as a possible spirit builder with your girls.”

The Ocean Pearl story: When a simple grain of sand enters into the living membrane of an oyster, it causes the oyster irritation. The oyster’s reaction is to coat that grain of sand with a substance called nacre. Over time, the layers of nacre build up and become a pearl.

Our Pearl story for being a Challenge leader: We are like the grain of sand when we come to God. He takes us as we are, and through the challenges we encounter on our journey, He coats us with His grace. You are working on your own little Pearl. You are living and spreading God’s message and our Blessed Mother has chosen you to carry His message.   Your finished pearl will be a unique gift -one that no one else has. We are Pearls when we realize our great value is Christ in us, shining through our lives- spreading a positive Godly message to the younger girls.

Becoming a Pearl is not always easy- The longer we stay on the right path and stay committed, the more beautiful our Pearl will become.

A Pearl of Challenge Commitment: Come to Challenge meetings with the Holy Spirit in your Hearts. Before you walk in the door, pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you. Everything outside of Challenge should be left at the door! This includes: Talking about boys & personal issues, Cell Phones should be turned off and put away, “Click chats” not allowed- move around the room and focus on the girls. Challenge Girls Club is a club for Christ’s word.

Your focus is Leading through Christ. He is your Challenge Leader. Get to know all the Challenge girls each week. They need your attention, and they need to see your love for God! That is why they are in Challenge. They look up to you and follow your leadership. As leaders of Christ, you should work as a team. Every leader should be included. Everyone should have the same goal and that goal is leading others to Christ, this includes our fellow leaders!!

P.E.A.R.L Guide:

“P” is for Prayer, particularly for your girls, fellow leaders and yourself.

“E” is for Eucharist. Jesus waits for you in the tabernacle night and day. Go see Jesus!!

“A” is for Acts of Love. In the Bible, Saint Paul tells us exactly what love is. He says, “Love is patient, love is kind, love is not jealous, it’s not pompous, it’s not rude. Love does not seek its own interest, love is not quick tempered. Love bears all things, love believes all things, love hopes in all things, and love endures all things. ” (1 Cor13: 4-7)

“R” is for the Rosary. The rosary should be important in your prayer life. Learn about the Rosary and its promise. Lead your girls to pray the rosary.   Get to know the Blessed Mother; read about her, think about her virtue. She is God’s chosen vessel. Mary has all the virtues, the beauties, and the graces of the church.

“L” is to promote Love of Christ. Read the Gospels.   Get to know Jesus Christ so that He is your best friend. You need to know Him and His love for you so that you can share that love with the girls.

Your Blessed Pearl necklace: Is simple, It’s not attached to any materialism– your special unique Pearl on the wings of God. This is your Challenge name-tag. These girls know your name, now show them that you are God’s Pearl!