Amazing and Life Changing Experience

News 30bThe following is a testimony from Anna Chase who was part of the camp counselors at the 2013 Challenge Summer Camp in Denver, Colorado held from June 23- 30, 2013. “Was it an exhausting week? Yes, to be sure. But was it worth it? Completely and totally! I will never forget the effect that it has had on my life. My job was as an activity leader, so I would help plan and set up for each of the activities and help with whatever else needed to be done. One of those activities was messy Olympics, where, in part, the girls made their team leaders into ice cream sundaes. I managed to avoid being made into an ice cream sundae, which I can honestly say I was not too disappointed about! It was so great to be able to make so many new friends. Some of us team leaders started off the week as complete strangers, and by the end of camp, we knew how to work together, side by side, complimenting each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It was so much fun to be able to connect with each of the girls in one way or another, whether News 30ait was sitting with them at dinner, and trying to carry on a conversation over the laughter and cheers of the other girls, or just simply sharing a smile with them as you walked by. For me, the spirituality of camp this year was the “cherry on top of the sundae.” It was unbelievable. We were so blessed to have a young and enthusiastic RC missionary, Caitlin Chase, (my sister!) helping direct the camp and inspiring all of us counselors to give all we could give. (I also had my sister Rebecca working with me too!) Encouraging us as well were three dynamic college girls, Makena Clawson, Rachel Lanz and Megan Ruzicka, all of whom, I can say, made an incredible impact on all of us at camp. Two RC consecrated women, Cassie Wolfe and Victoria O’Donnell, were with us for the whole week, giving spiritual guidance and sacrificing so much of their time and effort for the success of camp. Also the best part of the week was that Fr. Peter Devereux, LC was there every day, celebrating Mass, giving amazing, dynamic homilies, and just being so present to the girls, and all the participants. Had it not been for his prayers and sacrifices, and those of the consecrated women and those team leaders who woke up at 6:00 am every morning to pray the Rosary for all of the girls, I am convinced that camp would not have been the beautiful and life-changing week that it was.”