What is Challenge & Conquest?

– Challenge and Conquest are ECYD Programs for boys and girls in K – 12th grade that form adolescents as Christian leaders to transform culture.

– We do this through a unique method:  virtue-based curriculum, teen led, gender specific, team based, service driven, and through responding to the needs of the adolescent.

– We offer curriculum, products and resources, training and support, and access to an international network of ECYD camps, retreats and mentors.

– We strive to aid families, parishes and schools in the evangelization and Christian formation of adolescents.

Fast Facts

Challenge & Conquest are proven to be a successful youth ministry option for the past 15 years in the US and Canada. They are currently present in over 250 parishes & schools with over 6,500 youth every week, led by 300 adult leaders and 700 teen leaders. Offering over 45 summer camps with 2,000 campers every year.


Our Mission


Challenge and Conquest strive to offer effective methods & materials in Catholic Youth Ministry for families, parishes and schools, helping youth 5th – 12 grade to know and love Christ with real friendship; the Pope and Church with loyalty; Mary as a daughter; and every person with genuine respect and charity.



with real friendship


The Church & The Pope

with loyalty



as a son & daughter


Every Person

with real and genuine charity and respect


Challenge and Conquest try to teach the teens how to follow Christ’s example and live authentic Christian virtues such as friendship, sincerity, obedience, generosity, purity, charity, hope, joy, faith and perseverance.

Our Team


Our Challenge national team and staff are made up of professional, dedicated parents, volunteers, teachers, youth ministers, consecrated women who want to help you be successful in your work to bring these young teenage girls closer to Christ and willing to serve the world around them. Contact us for anything you need.


National Team



Amy Rose

Sales, Marketing & Development 



Christina Jacobeen

Training and Support

Donovan Novak

Resource Specialist


Maria Knuth

ECYD Coordinator for North America

Challenge Summer Camps


Challenge Camps are unique experiences for girls from 5th -12th grade to grow in their Catholic faith and make lasting friendships. We have approximately 20 camps across the US and Canada each summer.


Methods, Materials, & Training


Challenge & Conquest offer parents, schools and parishes with methods, material, and training to help girls and boys grow in their faith and serve others. Our method combines different elements that together make our program unique and effective: Team Based and Teen Led; Service Driven, Virtue Centered; Age Specific; Flexible and ready to use; relevant and fun; 100% Catholic and gender specific. The materials and guidebooks are intuitive, but we also offer online training modules for adult leaders and team “teen” leaders.

Challenge and Conquest

are Official ECYD Programs


ECyD stands for: Experiences, Convictions, and your Decisions. ECYD is an international Catholic association of adolescents who make a pledge of friendship with Christ and with each other to build up a new world according to the Gospel. ECYD shares Regnum Christi spirituality adapted to adolescents.

ECYD enriches Challenge & Conquest, making them better programs for the youth we are working with, so for that reason we say that Challenge and Conquest are powered by ECYD. You can choose to use the pledge card and ceremony method to help kids grow closer to Christ and learn to pray. It is optional but definitely an enhancement to Challenge and Conquest.